About us

The Little Red Kettle Team

Director of Programmes

Jenny Clooney


Jenny began her work with Little Red Kettle when she was a little person aged 11. It was Jenny's and LRK's first production in Garter Lane and was called The Four Euclids of Squid and the Festival of Imagination and Wild Fancy! Now that she is not quite as little, she now creates, manages, and expands all of Little Red Kettle's projects. She loves to perform and has also worked as a drama facialitator as well as coodinating youth activities for The Harvest Festival and The Waterford Voluntary Youth Council.


Dee Jacques, (Acting) Director of Children's Programmes from Feb 2017 replacing Jenny on Maternity leave. Congratulations to Jenny and Jamie on the birth of their lovely little baby boy.


Artistic Director

Writer, Director and Set Designer

Ben Hennessy


He has written 13 plays for children many of them with Liam Meagher including The Four Euclids of Squid and the Festival of Imagination and Wild Fancy which represented Ireland at the World Festival of Children’s Theatre in Toyama, Japan in 2000.

Most recently Ben’s children’s plays have included The Girl that turned into a Deer 2011, There Might be Zombies 2010, The Alizar Tree, Time Quest and A Big Loada Stuff - As well writing and directing for the children's company, Ben has designed sets for all for Little Red Kettle productions. Ben was a founder member of Red Kettle Theatre Company.

Writer, Director and Outreach Facilitator

Liam Meagher


Liam Meagher has been a member of Red Kettle Theatre Company since 1987, working as a Stage Manager on many of its early productions. He began working creatively with children in partnership with Ben Hennessy in 1991. In 1996, Liam co-wrote his first full length play for Little Red Kettle, The Four Euclids Of Squid & The Festival Of Imagination & Wild Fancy, which was revived in 2000 and toured to The World Festival of Children’s Theatre, Japan. Liam has written and directed all of the Company’s Christmas shows since 1994 including The Deadly Dangerous Diamond Diddle (1994), Gozel the Brave - The Making of a Hero (1999) and The Explorers (2001).

Liam’s recent work includes directing The Girl That Turned Into A Deer and The Alizar Tree for Little Red Kettle and his developing plays with 4th class students in Waterford Schools through Little Red Kettle’s Outreach Programme. In 2013 Liam directed Hamlet for The Theatre Royal. Liam continues to write theatre for adults and children.



Little Red Kettle is a youth based theatre company that services Waterford City and County with it’s inclusive, interactive and educational programmes, through the medium of theatre and drama. Established in the 80’s the company has gone from strength to strength and has a long standing relationship within the community. The programme of work is made up of four main strands, namely, Summer Play and Workshops, Outreach Programme, Weekly Theatre Workshops and Interactive Touring Play. Even though these are our main projects, the company strives to expand and establish new working relationships and collaborations.


We wish to give children a fun experience outside of normal home and school environments in a safe, positive, and creative environment as well as encourage self-awareness and self-confidence through the process of drama. We feel this provides children with opportunities to develop communication, concentration, and teamwork skills through participation in theatrical projects. Little Red Kettle would like to maintain and build upon the connections we have made with children in the community through schools, outreach, our summer play, and the exploration of new work. Through our ever growing outreach work, summer plays and professional productions, we consistently aim to encourage children to access their imagination through the invention of characters, sounds, creatures, and stories based on their own ideas and would like to continue involving the children in the planning, implementation, and evaluation processes of the project


Our mission is to create vital, vigorous, and exciting theatre with and for children from all backgrounds. We provide an opportunity for young people to realise their imaginative and creative potential and participate fully as actors in theatrical productions, whilst also encouraging a lifetime interest in the arts.